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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer group tours that take passengers to the various wineries?
There is not a shuttle between the wineries...we are all in fact within about five miles of each other. The region does offer several cab and shuttle services.

Do we need a designated driver?
We encourage designated drivers. However, a wine tasting trip isn't intended to be a wine drinking trip. The region does offer several cab and shuttle services.

Do the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula charge for wine tasting?
Tasting costs vary at each winery. Click here is for more information.

How long is the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula Trail?
The Peninsula stretches north 19 miles into Grand Traverse Bay and is only four miles wide at the broadest point. All seven of our wineries are within about five miles of each other.

How much time should I allot for visiting and traveling to the wineries?
Visitors might wish to allot approximately 30 minutes for visiting a winery.

What do I do when I get to a winery?
Our wineries are busy most of the year, so when you arrive just make your way to the tasting bar.

Are the wines discounted when purchased in quantity?
Many of our wineries do offer a quantity discount. You’ll want to check with each individually.

Do you allow large groups?
We appreciate an advance call for groups of ten or more. It's difficult to fit groups into our bars. When we know a large group is about to arrive, we can be sure that our staff is available. If you are arriving via bus/limo/van you may wish to ask your driver to call for you.

Want a private tasting and/or tour for your group?
Our wineries do offer private tours and tastings to groups most of the year. You’ll want to contact the individual wineries for specific information. Please note: fall is a busy time of year for our wineries. That’s when the grapes are harvested, so private tasting/tour options may be limited.

Want to have a bachelorette group (or college friends or neighborhood) do a tasting?
It's hard for us to be seen as a venue for a party. Many people have started viewing the wineries as merely entertainment. While we love the fact that people want to celebrate with us, the party atmosphere that usually arrives with this type of group can be disruptive to other visitors.

Also, groups can create other problems when the members on a bus/van/limo drink between wineries. It's actually illegal for us to serve tastes of wine to a person who is intoxicated.

If you still opt to come as a party, we will of course be gracious and welcoming to your group. Please contact the wineries to let them know when your group is planning to arrive.

What else is there to do?
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Other questions?
Send us a message.